Sajid Hasan Suffers an Unfortunate Hair Transplant Mishap


*This post contains graphic content*

Renown actor, Sajid Hasan, has posted a video message on social media, which holds an important message for all of us!

Watch the video below!


In this video, Sajid Hasan has revealed how he decided to go for a hair transplant. Apparently, one of his close acquaintances, who is a doctor, was continuously pleading him for 9 years to undergo hair transplantation. Sajid was reluctant at first, later he decided to say yes. If only he knew the consequences of a hair transplant mishap, he wouldn’t have!

Sajid told that two months ago, the doctor started the process without any initial tests. He added that he was unaware if there are some tests that need to be conducted prior to the surgery and the doctor didn’t mention any.


His trust for the doctor got him in a huge trouble. The very next day, Sajid fell sick and suffered from high fever. Even at that time, the doctor assured him that everything was fine. The condition got worse and Sajid remained passed out for 15 days. The doctor kept washing his head with saline water and didn’t do any other treatment.

Two months of suffering and a lot of pain, Sajid has finally disclosed this horrible case of hair transplant mishap. He showed us the current condition of his head and it can easily be identified as a work of an unprofessional.

Sajid has an important message for all of us in this video and he has advised all of us to always consult a professional for such treatments. The famous actor is now, suffering from the consequences of this terrible mishap and so is his family.

Before undergoing such sensitive procedures, we all should research and talk to the doctor about it. Most importantly, never put a blind trust on anyone!

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