Sajjad Ali And Bohemia Collaborate For A Bhangra Tune This New Year


There is no denying that Sajjad Ali is one of the most exceptional voices in Pakistani Music Industry. Ali has given us amazing hits starting from ‘Babia’ and ‘Sohni Lag Di’ to ‘Teri Yaad’ and ‘Har Zulm’ – he never fails to impress his listeners.

He has just come out with his new song with Bohemia titled ‘Tamasha’. While we have seen Sajjad Ali perform upbeat and catchy songs, this one was quite a different version of upbeat that he did.

The song was released on New Year and so far has more than 100k views and trending number 1 on YouTube Pakistan.

While the song isn’t as impressive compared to Sajjad Ali’s previous hit songs, but we shall see how the people react to it.

Watch the video for the song below

What did you think of the song?