Sajjad Ali’s Latest Song ‘Nakhun’ Takes Inspiration From Ghalib’s Poetry


Sajjal Ali released his latest single Nakhun that takes inspiration from the poetry of Mirza Ghalib.

‘Nakhun’ is Sajjad Ali’s first single since ‘Na Tum Samjhay Na Hum Samjhay’ and draws inspiration from the poetry of the most celebrated poet, Mirza Ghalib. “Anyone who has read a little bit of Urdu poetry will notice that the song takes its inspiration from a verse from Ghalib’s poetry, ‘Zakhm ke bharne talak nakhun na barh jaenge kya’“, he stated.

The video features Sajjad Ali and Rabia Butt and is basically about people who are in relationships but no longer feel the same way about their partner. It is about lost love and affection said Sajjad Ali explaining the theme of the song.

Nakhun is a figurative expression for the human ego and how people tend to obsess over certain aspects of life, particularly unhealthy relationships.

Each listener can, however, interpret the song differently depending on the frame of mind they’re in.

Have a look at the official video of Sajjad Ali’s Nakhun: