Salman Ahmad to Debut in Bollywood Movie ‘Rhythm’

Salman Ahmad Bollywood Movie Rhythm

Famous rock band Junoon’s guitarist, Salman Ahmad, will be featured in Bollywood movie ‘Rhythm’. He plays the frontman of a Sufi rock band; his real life version.

Ahmed will be seen in a cameo role in the movie; while the lead role will be performed by another Pakistani singer, Adeel Chaudhry.

The movie is scheduled to hit the big screens and the release date is finally announced.

Check out the musician reveal the big news to his fans on Twitter:

The film is situated in Poland, following a young Junoon fan (Adeel Chaudhry) who finds a mentor in the senior musician (Salman Ahmed).

Directed by Vicky, the project has been filming for seven years, but production was delayed due to budget limitations: as reported by Times of India.