Salman Khan Shuts Down Reporters at Bipasha Basu’s Wedding


April 30 was all about Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s Monkey wedding which was a star-studded affair but guess who stole the show? It was none other than the Dabangg Salman Khan who rocked in an all black casual suit.

The 50-year-old superstar stole the thunder with his candid attitude towards the new couple. The Sultan of Bollywood was spotted in a particularly jolly mood when he interacted with the media.

Khan, who usually avoids talking about his marriage plans gave some witty answers. When asked about his marriage, the superstar replied that he wishes you (the media person) should get married first.

Before Salman could carry his leg pulling further, Biapsha interjected and said cutely, “I don’t want that Salman get married.” Her hubby Karan said in-between, “Why so mean?” and for this Bipsaha had the best possible answer! She said, “Salman should be nice to all the girls but whenever and if he marries or not, he should always remain happy.”

Watch the video below!