Salman Khan Supports Pakistani Actors


Bajrangi Bhaijaan continues to promote peace and humanity. Salman Khan has come out to support Pakistani actors working in Bollywood after India banned them and  carried out surgical strikes across the Line of Control.

In a press conference, Salman Khan stated “ Those who killed our soldiers in Uri were terrorists. Pakistani artistes are not terrorists”.

Salman Khan Supports Pakistani Actors

Salman Khan backed Pakistani actors and said ‘Pakistani actors are not terrorists. Actors and terrorists are different. Pak actors come to India with proper documents. They come with valid visa’.

While Khan won the award for being human by people praying for peace, his views were not well received by the warmongers.

Shiv Sena leader Manisha Kayande said, “Salman Khan needs to be taught a lesson. If he has so much love for Pakistani artists, he should migrate there.”

Should Salman Khan really be taught a lesson for promoting peace and being human?

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