Salman Khan Won Our Hearts By Respecting Religion: Throwback Video Goes Viral


Recently, Indian singer Sonu Nigam, in a tirade of Tweets, bashed the Azaan (call to prayer). The singer has received a varying degree of responses from his fans as well as his contemporaries.

Sonu Nigam’s Anti-Muslim Tweet Goes Viral!

Well, Mr. Nigam, here’s an example of a real-life hero:

Everyone’s favorite Dabangg Khan is always on top of his game. Be it his movies, his reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ or his personal life.

A 2-year-old video of Salman Khan interrupting his interviewers to respect the Azaan has gone viral, post the Sonu Nigam episode.

Here’s what happened:

Salman Khan was at the launch of Bigg Boss 8 at the Jet Airways Hangar in Mumbai. He was interacting with media when a nearby mosque gave a call for Azaan (call to prayer).

The actor called for a break, the moment he heard the Azaan, and for the next 10 minutes, the proceedings came to a standstill.

Indian Actor Ajaz Khan Slams Sonu Nigam For Anti-Azaan Tweet

Take a look at the video below:

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