Salman Khan’s Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Is Already Mrs Khan in Romania


Earlier, the 50-year-old-star Salman Khan and Romanian model, Iulia Vantur made their relationship public when they attended Preity Zinta’s wedding reception together. According to reports, Salman Khan moved on to dating the TV presenter right after his heartbreaking breakup with Katrina Kaif a few years back.

The couple hasn’t made any official announcements since then but what seems to be another rumour to us is that Khan’s alleged Romanian girlfriend is already Mrs Khan. The news made rounds on the internet when Romania’s media highlighted the alleged marriage. Mumbai Mirror reports, “Romania must function in a time zone light years ahead of India”

Desi media has been stuck bragging like a teenage girl about the couple’s relationship for months while Romanian counterparts have already announced the 36-year-old model Iulia Vantur as ‘Doamna Khan’ which translates to the ‘royal Mrs Khan’. Well, if the rumours are true then we can’t wait for them to be together.

The couple has never been open about their relationship. None of them has ever spoken about it in public. Recently, Salman was questioned by media if he wants kids or not. He replied, “I’d like to have a child but the problem with that is with the child the mother comes along. If I can avoid the mother and have a child I wouldn’t mind two or three.” Very funny Salman!

After dating co-actress over three decades, Salman may have found Miss Right after all! Let us know if you think Iulia is perfect for Salu Bhai in the comment box below.

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