Salman Khan’s Tubelight NOT to be Released in China & Pakistan?


Recently, a  news was aired by Bollywood Hungama that Salman Khan’s latest movie, Tubelight, would make its way to China for a massive release.

The article says that Salman Khan will take advice from Aamir Khan on how to market Tubelight in the Chinese market as Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ had already made it big within the country.

However, a local source has told us that Tubelight will not be released in China.

Since the movie is based on Sino-Indian War which took place in 1962 and a specific cultural reference to this war, it seems that China will probably not allow Tubelight’s release in its film industry.

Although the producer, Amar Butala, is very hopeful to release Tubelight in China, this seems really impossible at the moment.

See what he told the press here!

The fate of Tubelight in Pakistan!

Furthermore, being in good terms with China, Pakistan is most likely to NOT support the release of Tubelight here in our country.

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