Sammi Drama Review: 7 Moments That Will Blow You Away!


The Pakistani television industry has finally realized the dire need to push boundaries and break out of its shell. With the onset of the groundbreaking drama serial Udaari that aired last year, the media has finally learned to break the social stigmas surrounding taboos.

Be it marital rape, pedophilia, transgender births or honor killing, there are dramas unraveling the dark and horrendous truths of our society, right, left and center. A recent addition to these is Mawra Hocane’s popular comeback drama serial ‘Sammi’ airing on Hum TV.

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Penned by Noor-ul-Huda Shah and directed by Saifee Hassan, the Hum TV drama addresses a troubling social practice of ‘Vani’ prevalent in the rural areas; where a girl has to pay the price for crimes that are committed by the male members of her family.

Decided by the jirga, the girl from the criminal’s family is proclaimed as Vani and is married off to a man from the victim’s family.

Now that the drama is approaching its final showdown, we decided to review and muster up some of the most awe-striking moments from Sammi that are bound to blow you away.

1. When Sammi’s brother Waqas kills Pervaiz

The plot weaves a heartbreaking tale of how a totally innocent girl is sacrificed to protect her brother Waqas, played by Haris Waheed.

The drama starts off with Sammi getting married to Waqas’s best friend Pervaiz, but a feud arises between the two and in sheer rage, Waqas ends up killing Pervaiz.


The family then has two options, either let Waqas get arrested and pay for his sins, or give their daughter as Vani.


The family chooses the latter because apparently protecting the life of a ‘son’ is more important than the daughter’s; Sammi is hence given as Vani to a reluctant man named Fazal, played by Noor-ul-Hassan.

The sheer betrayal by her own parents and brother leaves her in a state of shock and the audience dazed.

2. When they announce Sammi as the vani of a 12-year-old boy

When Fazal realizes how insensitive and unfair the Vani custom is, he refuses to marry Sammi but Chaudhry Rab Nawaz, is adamant.


His arrogance and typical tribal mindset do not let him spare Sammi and in the name of “ghairat” he makes her Vani to his 12-year-old son.

3. Rehan Sheikh’s powerful portrayal of Chaudhry Rab Nawaz

One of the most shocking moments of the show is the dialogue between Chaudhry Rab Nawaz and his son when he explains to him how Sammi is now his ‘property’.


The dialogue, “Mard teen cheezon main apni ghairat ki qeemat lagata hai- daulat, zameen, aurat”  oozes with ignorance. It shows how the tribal men believe power only lies in patronizing women.

4. Feudalistic mindset in tribal areas is a shocker for us all

The age old stigma attached to the birth of girls is another social menace that has been brought to the limelight.

Rashid’s obsession for a son has been portrayed so perfectly in the show!

Despite his wife’s ailing health condition, he does not give up trying on having a son, just like many men in the rural areas.

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Moreover, women being treated as objects, marital rape and honor killing are some of the heinous social perils that are so common in the villages, it leaves the audiences amazed.

5. When Chandi’s son Salar dies

Sania Saeed’s portrayal of Chandi is simply commendable! A powerful woman who happens to be Rashid’s ex, helps him hide Sammi, when he helps her escape. Chandi’s son Salar falls for Sammi and wants to marry her but Chandi disapproves.

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Even though Sammi refuses Salar’s proposal, he lies to his mother about their marriage – this infuriates Chandi who informs Waqas of Sammi’s whereabouts and they take her back to the village.


Salar, angry, dazed and infuriated, goes on a search for Sammi but meets an accident on the way, dying on the spot! This leaves Chandi devastated and repentant.

6. When Rashid does not want a son anymore!

A turning point in the last episode was when Rashid’s wife shows him a fake doctor’s report, lying about the gender of their baby.


Rashid tells her that he does not desire a son anymore and lovingly hugs his daughters instead. Definitely a tear-jerking moment for all the fans!

7. When Sammi finally stands up for herself

It was fulfilling to finally see the timid Sammi, whose fate has been in the hands of everyone else in the show but her, FINALLY speaking up for herself! She refuses to pardon her brother when he asks for her forgiveness and does not let Chandi off the hook either.

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What will Sammi’s fate be? Will she get justice? Will Waqas pay for his sins?

Stay tuned to Hum TV for the last episode of Sammi on June 25th 2017.

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