‪Sanam Chaudhry & Noor Hassan Pair Up For Movie Titled 100 Crore!


Real life best friends ‪Sanam Chaudhry & Noor Hassan‬ will be sharing the screen as lead actors in an upcoming rom-com movie titled 100 crore penned by ‪‎Babar Kashmiri‬ and will be directed by ‪Shoaib Khan‬. The movie has an ensemble star cast, Apart from the two buddies it stars veteran Javed Sheikh and Ismail Tara in prominent roles. Sana Fakher, Inayat Khan and Adnan Shah Tipu will be seen in supporting roles while Indian model and actress, Reyhana Malhotra will also be part of the venture.

According to reports the hottie Noor Hassan Rizvi who made his big television debut as Humsafar’s ‘Khizar’ will be seen as the hero while the pretty petite actress  Sanam Chaudhry will be playing the lead heroine opposite him.

When it’s all about Sanam Chaudhry & Noor Hassan, all we can say is ADORABLE PAIRING!

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Only strength?

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They sure look like best friends forever and EVER!

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They bond so well that they made Eid perfect for each other!

Looks like they share some mesmerizing off-screen chemistry!

This is so cinematic! Cool breeze, chimes, slo-mo!

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  ‪Sanam Chaudhry & Noor Hassan were earlier seen in a drama together titled Tere Mere Beech

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“My character is an extremely hilarious guy, and the film on a whole is a lot of fun. It has all the elements that make up for an entertaining watch and I’m sure the audience will appreciate it. revealed Noor to the media.

“Me and my partner, Khurram Riaz have been planning this film for almost a year now and we are beginning the shoot in August. It is basically a non-stop comedy thriller that revolves around a couple of characters’ struggle to win a lottery, hence the title 100 Crore“, stated the director spilling the beans about his movie in an interview.

According to reports the first spell of the film is set to begin next month in Phuket, Thailand.

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