Sanam Jung Finally Reveals The Secret To Her Weight Loss Journey

sanam jung weight loss
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Losing baby weight, for most moms, is a significant challenge. Every mom dreams of having the perfect body. However, some choose to take their time, whereas some want to shed those pounds instantly.

In the Pakistani entertainment industry, many female celebrities are now mommies to beautiful children, yet they sure know how to keep themselves healthy and fit. It may not be realistic or robust for real women to lose weight that fast, but one can contact their nutritionist.

Sanam Jung’s Weight Loss Secret

Just recently, famous Pakistani celebrity Sanam Jung decided to talk about her weight loss journey and reveal her diet plan. Yes, she revealed all the details!

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Before she began sharing her diet and weight loss journey, she said that she always experiments before and what suits her body. Her nutritionist, Dr. Areej, shared an effective and healthy weight loss diet for her to follow.

Being very open about her diet and what she eats, Sanam shared her plan with her followers.

Here’s what Sanam Jung’s diet looks like:

“Daily before Sehri, I take 1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon basil seeds, 15 minutes before a meal.

For late-night munching, I take 20-23 mixed nuts or Apple or Low-fat yogurt up to half a cup or Low-calorie high fiber cracker biscuits.

Day 1

Sehri: Coffee /tea using low-fat milk without sugar 1 slice bran bread 1 whole boiled egg 2 tablespoons low-fat yogurt.

Iftar: 1 date 1 glass sugar-free lemonade with 1 teaspoon basil seeds 2 apples

Dinner: 2 to 3 kebabs, spinach no fixed amount (cooked in 1 spoon of oil use only salt pepper and tomato)

Day 2:

Sehri: 2 eggs boiled one whole one white Tea/coffee without sugar 2 spoons low-fat yogurt.

Iftar: 1 date 1 apple smoothie made with 1 spoon yogurt n half a glass of low-fat milk 2 slices of bran bread with peanut butter.

Dinner: Clear soup/yakhni 1 bowl Green salad (cucumber iceberg lettuce cabbage n olives with lemon juice) 1 to 2 fillet of grilled chicken (up to 200gm)

sanam jung weight loss
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Day 3:

Sehri: 2 eggs, whites boiled Tea/ coffee without sugar 1 slice bran bread Slice of low-fat cheese.

Iftar: 1 Date 1 glass sugar-free lemonade with basil seeds 1 bowl melon.

Dinner: chicken steak with tomato-cucumber raita in low-fat yogurt up to half a cup

Day 4

Sehri: 2 slices bran bread with peanut butter, 1 boiled egg white Tea/coffee without sugar.

Iftar: 1 Date, 1 glass apple juice 1 cup bean/ chickpeas chaat (add tomato, chilies coriander, lemon juice salt pepper).

Dinner: 1 to 2 boiled eggs Clear soup 1 bowl 1 apple.

Day 5

Sehri: 1 slice bran bread with cottage cheese 1 whole egg omelet without oil Tea/ coffee without sugar.

Iftar: 1 date 1 glass watermelon juice 2 boiled egg whites.

Dinner: Grilles fish with capsicum and tomato up to 2-3 fillets 1 apple

Day 6

Sehri: 2 egg whites omelet (use tomato green chilies spring onion)without oil Tea/coffee without sugar 2 tablespoons low-fat yogurt.

Iftar: 1 date, Apple cucumber blend with lemon juice, 1 bowl bean/chickpeas chaat.

Dinner: 2 eggs (1 whole 1 white) 1 bowl less oil qeema (spices to taste) 1 cup iceberg.”

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