Sara Bhatti’s Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation is #FitnessGoals!


It’s been quite a year for Pakistani model and actress Sara Bhatti, what with her divorce from actor Mikaal Zulfiqar. The mommy of two has been quite busy, shooting an Eid telefilm for Geo, with Aijaz Aslam.

The actress posted a collage of her transformation from being pregnant, giving birth and then being overweight.

Sara went into great detail about the not-so-perfect side of being pregnant.

Ladies, do not despair. If you did NOT get the ‘glow’ when you were pregnant you’re not alone. I looked BUTT UGLY when I was pregnant, my face was puffy, my nose was worse than rudolf and my body resembled a whale.

Pregnancy was difficult. I spent most of it crying. I felt alone and had major insecurities about how I looked.

But how did she lose all that weight? Sara explains,

It helped me grow beyond anything. I became vegan, I changed my life and I became a better person.

Trust me it will pass. It will take its time but it will pass. And you’ll end up feeling and looking better, with a little human on your hands. Your life, my sweetheart, is going to change!

And she wrapped it up with a cheeky endnote:

And boys, don’t forget your wife when she’s preggers. She becomes hot again. Look at my photos it’s true.

Well, it certainly is true!

Lioness and the wolf. ?

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Sara looks better than ever in her recent pictures.


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