Sarah Khan Took the Women’s March Discussion to a Whole New Level!


International Women’s Day was celebrated on the 8th of March and women from all over the world participated in the women march, showing everyone that they are capable of protecting their own rights and they will support each other and will fight against anything that comes in their way!


#AuratMarch2018 became a trending topic in Pakistan and we saw women from every background participating in this rally. There were many interesting slogans and banners that these ladies made to highlight the issues in their own way, making it even more interesting!


Some discouraged the social behavior and attitude that divides tasks on the basis of gender. This has to be the yummiest way to speak about this issue!

“The Fall of Patriarchy” and More Power to the Women! These ladies surely put a lot of thought in these!


Girl Power!


A great environment with lots of positive energy!

This one came up with the best way to raise this particular issue and it has laready become one of the meme on social media!

And many more..

This march created a debate on social media and our young actress, Sarah Khan, also participated in the discussion and posted her opinion on this particular picture from the #auratmarch2018 on her Instagram account.


Read it below!

Sarah Khan thinks that even though this march was all about women empowerment and supporting other women, but this thinking that women who stay at home and take care of their family are in any way inferior to others is not cool.

Sarah Khan’s follower seemed to support her opinion and were happy that someone finally spoke about this!

It’s all about supporting each other not controlling their choices!

People have different opinions about the issues raised in this women’s march and the discussion on social media is still going on!

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