Sarwat Gilani Lashes Out At People Questioning Her Fertility


The internet is a weird place. And unfortunately, celebrities are an easy target for controversy, speculations and criticism. But a profession that demands publicity doesn’t mean they’ve opened up their personal life for discussion.

Sarwat Gilani, a powerful and known actress in Pakistan made sure all trollers understand this aspect of her profession when she posted a scathing status to deal with people who questioned her fertility. Sarwat Gilani and her pregnancy have been a topic of social media interest for a long time now.

Sarwat Gilani’s Pregnancy Photo Shoot For Good Times Magazine

Earlier it was her pregnancy shoot, then her public appearances and now it’s the never-ending question about the number of kids she’ll have and when.

Sarwat wrote:

Why is it anyone’s business to comment on how many children should I have? Why is it anyone’s concern how late or soon should I have them and funnily enough why is it always men who have such lame concerns? My fertility is certainly not your problem nor an excuse to have a conversation or make a joke. Don’t misunderstand my politeness for weakness! You all know who you are! Get a book on how to converse with a lady who already keeps you at a distance or next time you shall be tagged!

Her fatal verbal blow was appreciated by her industry fans including Imran Abbas, Ali Kazmi, Maheen Khan and others who applauded her no-fuss stand on the matter.

Social media may have given us the power to express our opinions but it that doesn’t give us the rights to judge anyone’s personal choices, life’s decisions or actions. It’s easy to write a sarcastic comment anonymously while sitting in one’s room but it’s a whole different ball game to speak your mind knowing you’re going to be judged.

Way to go Sarwat!