Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza Take Their Chemistry On-Screen In Drama Dukh Sukh


Recently, many drama serials in the industry have been raising awareness for critical issues in our society that are usually brushed under the rug. That includes the social caused based drama, ‘Udaari’, which deserve appreciation for breaking typical stereotypes in our society.

It was refreshing to see light shed on such a taboo topic amongst the usual serials, which have had nothing to offer other than mindless drama between in-laws and such. Another show that is willing to break down all barriers is coming to television screens across Pakistan, premiering this Saturday, on Urdu 1 called, ‘Dukh Sukh’.

This series is produced by Ahsan Khan and Meraj Uddin, promises to highlight new issues in every episode. Ahsan Khan spoke of his highly anticipated series, explaining,

“Dukh Sukh will have 21 short films and all the stories will be different from the typical content we see. The series is not about entertainment, but focuses on serious issues.”

Off-screen partners, Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza take their chemistry on-screen as they will be featured together in an episode. When asked about the show Sarwat Gillani said,

“This is the first time Fahad and I will be seen on screen together, so one can imagine the chemistry.”

After their marriage in 2014, their romance seems to be the one for the movies. Sarwat also talked about working with director, Ahsan Talish on this exciting fresh venture stating,

“This will be the first time I will be working with the renowned director Ahsan Talish and I must say my experience with both (Fahad & Ahsan) went quite well. Looking forward to the end product.”

This is a step forward for our entertainment industry as it is stepping away from all the cliche topics into something that will actually teach the wider audiences a thing or two.

“PTV used to have so many intellectual plays before and recently when I was watching those dramas, I started to wonder why we aren’t making intellectual content anymore” said Ahsan

Urdu 1 paves a path for the awakening of our society as some of the topics tackled in drama serial Dukh Sukh are happening all around us. Make sure to watch this serial, which will definitely have you hooked, coming this Saturday at 8pm on Urdu 1!