The Season 2 of “Chai, Toast Aur Host” Will be Even More Interesting!


The season 1 of Dawn New’s Chai Toast and Host was a major hit due to its interesting concept and layout, different from the typical morning shows we see on every other channel. Now it’s coming back with its 2nd season later this month!

Season 1 started with the story of a girl, Anoushey Ashraf, who moves into a new house and her neighbors get all curious to discover more about her. She’s a talented girl and a multi-tasker, with large ambitions and aspirations and her story evolves as she gets to meet people from different fields including artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, friends and also, her curious neighbors.

With interesting discussion on various topics and some light conversations and gossips with friends on the table of freshly prepared food, it is the perfect thing to cheer you up every morning!

The season 2 of “Chai Toast Aur Host” will start from the 12th of March with an even more interesting concept, progressing the story from the previous season!


Anoushey Ashraf will now embark on a new venture by opening a café with the assistance of Aisha Abrar, a chef and nutritionist by profession and Anoushey’s housmate.  She will also consult Chef Shai to design her menu, who’s making a comeback after 4 years on television.

The show will follow the stages of café undergoing different phases of setup and people who want to set up their own business will learn a great deal from it!

New characters will be introduced including a Chai tender, Naseeb Khan, who wants to become a reknown Chai Maker and Jugaroo, the multipurpose tasker to save the day whenever there’s a crisis!


This show will give a platform to artists, standup comedians, designers and entrepreneurs and there will be surprise guests from time to time and the Executive Producer, Kiran Yazdani and her team aims to take this show to a new level of success!

Reasons to Follow Chai, Toast Aur Host Season 2!

  • A change of setting and a new chapter to the story.
  • Unfolding of new avenues and social settings.
  • Discussion on emerging trends and topics so
  • Opportunity for brands to tell their story in not a distasteful way.
  • Platforms for entreprneurs to showcase their work and for artists to perform!
  • Guest from every field of life.
  • A designated small section/area in the café will store organic/ homemade products.

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