Seeta Bagri TVOne Drama Ft Sarwat Gillani to Showcase the Life of a Hindu Girl in Pakistan


TV One is introducing their new drama, ‘Seeta Bagri’, featuring the life of a Pakistani-Hindu girl, played by Sarwat Gillani, and her struggles as a minority. It sheds light on the subjects of inter-faith relationships and acceptance of other religions.

This upcoming drama is written and directed by Iqbal Hosain and includes a talented cast comprising of Sarwat Gillani, Bushra Ansari, Qawi Khan, Jibran, Shameen Khan, Shabbir Jan and Hassan Niazi.


The shots in this series are one hundred percent authentic as they display the living situations of the minorities that inhabit the country. The show pays tribute to the Hindu cultures exhibiting its many colorful events and celebrations.

Regardless of the wider society’s intolerance, Seeta advocating for her rights to coexist with Muslims and her Muslim friends still support her through the hardships that she faces for it. Other than focusing on religious issues, she also promotes women’s education by teaching lessons free of charge to the less fortunate girls in her community.

This highly anticipated drama is set to break boundaries as it provides a perspective that the entertainment industry has never had the pleasure of witnessing before. It is sure to spread a positive message to the masses as the producer, Adnan Siddiqui, states, “As it’s my first production I want to take on a project which is not only different but has beautiful message embed into it. I strongly believe that one shouldn’t be different but with a class of difference and I have done the same with this drama.”

Completely invested in the making of this drama, he assures everyone that TV One has completely supported his ideas, which made the process of this drama so much better. “Before coming to TV One, I approached other channels too but they all refused it saying it’s risky to air a story based on minorities. Unlike others, CEO TV One, Seema Tahir trusted me and provided complete support for this project,” he said.

The iconic Bollywood singer, Sukhwinder Singh, sings the opening soundtrack of ‘Seeta Bagri’ and the music has been composed by Sajid-Wajid. The soundtrack also features the band, Udan Khatola.

Mixing different elements of forbidden romance, drama, and, tragedy, it is sure to bring in a large audience as soon it is aired on November 1st.

Seeta Bagri

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Seeta Bagri's song Directed by Haris Kadeer Produced by Adnan Sidiqui holli hai

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On the sets of Seeta Bagri

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On the sets of Seeta Bagri with Wajid Khan on hair and makeup

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Seeta Bagri coming soon on TV1

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Seeta Bagri…coming soon!

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