Shaan & Humaima Malick Mocked For Their Latest Arth Photoshoot


Shaan Shahid and Humaima Malick are busy promoting their upcoming film Arth which is a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s classic ‘Arth’ which was released in 1982.

Arth is one of the most anticipated movies of 2017 and from it’s trailer, the movie looks quite promising with some impeccable performances. Let’s hope it does justice to our excitement!

While fans are waiting for Shaan’s musical-drama to hit our screens, there are others who would find negativity even in the most positive of things.

Recently, a few behind the scene photos of Humaima Malick and Shaan Shahid, surfaced on the internet and people, for some reason, couldn’t stop criticizing the two stars.

Here’s an “eye-opening” comment!

Did he really just say that?

This one reminded me of Raees’ epic dailogue, “Maa kehti thi koi dhanda chota bara nahi hota!”

And the comment below has leave us perplexed!

If this girl has any doubts on Shaan’s masculinity then we are not sure if she needs a doctor or she is just high and if she is commenting on Humaima then maybe, she definitely needs a doctor.

Oh, how can we forget mentioning the moral police.

Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people are obsessed with body-shaming Humaima Malick. They think it is their right to comment on her weight, without knowing that she’s been putting on weight for her upcoming movie Maula Jutt.

One question for him? What’s wrong in looking good?

And she might burst with exaggeration!

We are glad that there’s some sanity left in the world and there were people who praised the two actors.

It’s sad to see how people shower pictures of our beloved celebs with hate comments. Either they have a problem with how they are dressed, or they might look old to them or their weight is an issue! People just find it difficult to be nice, which is actually one of the biggest dilemmas of our society. If you have nothing good to say, just don’t say anything at all!

Written and directed by Shaan Shahid, Arth will feature the legendary actor himself alongside Humaima Malik, Mohib Mirza and Uzma Hassan in lead roles. It is set to release on December 21st, 2017.