Shaan Shahid Proves To Be The Pride Of Pakistan Post #SurgicalStrike


Shaan Shahid lives true to his name and proves to be the pride of Pakistan, time and time again. While most Pakistani celebrities decide to stay shut on Indo-Pak matters, Shaan sure  knows his responsibility. He cares about Pakistan more than Bollywood and here’s proof:

Shaan Shahid has been at war with everyone who picks anything over Pakistan

#ShaanShahid proves to be the pride of Pakistan once again! #India #Pakistan #SurgicalStrike

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Shaan finds it shameful how Pakistani celebs are being silent in times when Pakistan needs their voice the most. This isn’t the first time the actor has mocked and criticised his coworkers for choosing their future in Bollywood over patriotism as Pakistani nationals.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Responds To The India-Pakistan Tension

Hamza Ali Abbasi is another actor who has taken the Shaan route. These two men do not follow the heard and know their responsibilities.

We don’t want War, but when the enemy publicly boasts about killing your soldiers, then neutrality is betrayal. #PakistanFirst

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