Shaan Shahid Takes A Dig At Pepsi Battle of The Bands 2017?


Shaan Shahid isn’t someone who minces words or tries to sugar-coat them. The superstar has made headlines AND some foes in the industry due to his clear-cut views and strong opinions.

This time around, Shaan’s target seems to Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017. The branded music show is currently all over the news because of Fawad Khan and Atif Aslam’s grand presence as judges and their exclusive performances.

Fawad Khan, who’ve returned to music after a hiatus has paid tribute to one of the biggest Pakistani bands Vital Signs with the cover song Do Pal Ka Jeevan.

Atif Aslam, on the other hand, has recreated his own rock star version of Alamgir’s Dekha Na Tha.

Neither Atif nor Fawad was able to impress Shaan Shahid, who expressed his opinions about the show in a Facebook comment. He wrote, “After so long they come into music with an old song..haha…Pepsi team your slogan is the new generation. You couldn’t find one person from a new generation with a new song. Hahha.. where to go team Pepsi. “

Shaan Shahid


Ouch! Looks like Shaan has some bones to pick with Pepsi or may be Fawad Khan? Whatever it is, we are super excited about Pepsi Battle of Bands starting from July 30th.