Shahroz & Syra’s Daughter Celebrated Granpa’s Birthday in the Cutest Way Possible!


Pakistani actors Syra and Shehroze are known to be one of the cutest couples on the television screen. However, their adorable daughter Nooreh Shehroz never fails to steal the show when it comes to her cuteness. Just look at the two adorable humans below!

Just like the couple, Nooreh never fails to surprise us with the things she does. Whether it’s posing with her mother or being silly with her father, Nooreh absolutely nails the cute factor.

Recently, she was spotted during her Grandfather Behroze Sabzwari’s birthday celebrations. The little girl sang the happy birthday song for her grandpa in the cutest way possible. Even though she is still small, she has quite a good voice. Listen to this:

Ever since then, social media has been on an uproar and cannot stop talking about how adorable she sounds. Even the veteran actor couldn’t resist giggling to her cuteness!

Here is the response from the fans and we couldn’t agree more. Indeed, Nooreh is one of the cutest child celebrities (MashaAllah) that we know up till now!

The video even brightened someone’s newsfeed.

Indeed, Nooreh definitely takes after her parents’ looks!

See what we mean? The Internet has totally fallen in love with Nooreh.

The cuteness is over 9000!!

If you’re reading this and have watched the video, don’t forget to say MashaAllah!

Literally, this is all what the Internet had to say after watching the amazing birthday celebration.

Finally someone to praised her voice. We an’t wait to hear more of her singing as well!

Happy belated birthday, Behroze Sabzwari!

To end your day in absolute happiness, here is a picture of Nooreh wearing a cute animal costume and waiting for a happy meal. I think I just died.

Happy meal 🐮

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