Shaista Lodhi to Make Her TV Debut With ‘Khuwab Nagar’


The popular Sitaray Ki Subha host, Shaista Lodhi, is ready to make her TV debut with a Fahad Mustafa Production drama serial titled as ‘Khuwab Nagar’. Currently, the to-be actress is hosting another morning show on SEE TV. Her upcoming drama serial will prove to be a fresh start for the starlet.

Since Shaista already has a major fan following, we can expect that her upcoming venture will have a great fan following.  While interacting with Dawn Images, Shaista disclosed that she had been approached for dramas earlier, however, at the time she could not manage to work out of schedule because of being overburdened with responsibilities.

However, when the offer for Khuwab Nagar came, she decided it was about time she gave it a shot while keeping her morning show on pause.

According to Shaista, “There were so many questions crossing my mind at the time I accepted the offer: Will I be able to do it? Will I be able to do justice to it? Will I be successful in delivering the way my director and producer want me to?”

“I was not nervous, but yes, a little confused, because of the questions crossing my mind and the success I achieved in the hosting field and whether it’ll be the same or not. Will people judge me and compare whether I’m a better host or actor. But I’ve done it and let’s see how people will react.”

She intends to continue with the new venture if her debut gets a positive feedback in the near future.

Khuwab Nagar is set to air sometime in October/November 2016.

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