Froggy Holds Ducky Bhai Responsible For Getting Punched On Face

froggy punched on face

We all remember how the war between Pakistani-Canadian Vlogger Sham Idrees and Pakistani Youtuber Saad-ur-Rehman aka Ducky Bhai took social media by storm last week.

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The Pakistani YouTube Ducky Bhai claimed that Sham Idrees threatened his family after he refused to collaborate and meet with him.

Have a look at the video below.

As soon as he released the video, social media reacted to it and the whole controversy kickstarted a massive debate on the matter.

The fans and followers of Ducky Bhai were actually not happy about it and made them more furious to bash him.

Last weekend, Sham Idrees went to a mall in Karachi to meet and greet with his fans but a number of people attacked him and his wife Froggy.

A video has surfaced online where the crowd can be seen beating Sham Idrees and chanting Ducky Bhai’s name.

Have a look at the video below.

The unfortunate incident caught the attention of Ducky Bhai after which he took to his social media account and condemned the attack.

He wrote:

Just heard about the assault on Froggy at Sham’s meet & greet today. This type of disgusting behavior should never be tolerated at any cost, especially on a woman. Fans should enjoy the occasion by staying in their limits. This is not what I or any other YouTuber encourage to do.

Earlier today, Froggy Queen also recorded a video in which she held Ducky Bhai responsible for getting punched on her face.

Here’s the video! 

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