Shameless Proposals: Upcoming Web Series To Explore Types Of Desi Rishtas

Shameless Proposals

Unlike television, the internet is relatively free from the constraints of budget and censorship and gives filmmakers the freedom to experiment with formats, styles and stories.

To highlight the issues which are usually ignored in mainstream media, Pakistani producers have now started shedding light on the women’s perspective through web-series.

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Among the recent women-driven web series, a new web-series titled ‘Shameless Proposals’ will be released soon which will be filling a major gap in the way women are portrayed in local television or even in local movies.

It will address the taboos attached to how women are presented to their possible in-laws like commodities.

While talking to the Express Tribune, the producer of the web series Sadia Jabbar said: 

The theme of Shameless Proposals is to deal with the objectification women in a desi society by presenting them as products when a proposal is considered for an arranged marriage. The web series also sheds light on how parents would agree to almost every condition by the boy’s family in order to ‘accept’ their daughter.

She further added that the series will explore types of proposals girls get in Pakistan.

This is the background we have chosen to highlight this pertinent issue. Shameless Proposals seek to explore seven different types of proposals through the lens of arranged marriages.

Penned by Saji Gul and Atlas, this upcoming web-series will be produced by Tehseen Shaukat and Sadia Jabbar and will be helmed by Hunny Haroon.

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