Shamoon Abbasi Talks About His Shocking Transformation in “Durj”!


When it comes to versatility and class, Shamoon Abbasi is one of the first names that come to our mind from our entertainment industry. Making his mark with playing major roles in a number of dramas and movies including the top-notch Waar, Shamoon is now all set to mark his directional debut!

With Parwaaz Hai Junoon around the corner, Shamoon is focused on his upcoming movie, Durj, which won’t just be his first film as a feature-film director, but also stars him in the main role for which he had to undergo shocking transformation!


In an interview, Shamoon Abbasi discussed Durj, a suspense film based on a historical criminal act!

“Durj is based on a terrifying reality and though I can’t reveal much about the plot at the moment, all I can say is that the story is based on a historical criminal act that has occurred numerous times all around the world. We researched thoroughly and picked up incidents that took place in Pakistan and then turned it into a suspense film.”

Shamoon also talked about his transformation in this movie and how he had to reject many offers that came to his way during the production of Durj!

 “The actual character that was arrested for the crime had a particular look and I wanted to look like him and hence decided not to go for a certain get-up and makeup that would look fake. So, I grew my beard for more than a year and went bald for the film.”

With their dedication and hard work, it is just fascinating how actors can transform themselves into an entirely different character in order to do justice to their work. Well, Shamoon is one of those stars and he’s proved this with the way he’s transformed his appearance in Durj that also cost him all his hair!

Besides Shamoon Abbasi, it stars Sherry Shah, Myra Khan, Dodi Khan, and Nouman Javaid among others. The teaser of Durj was released in May and even though it didn’t reveal much about the story, it seems quite promising and worth waiting for!

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