Shamoon Abbasi’s Short-Film Mey Rahungi Will Leave You Speechless


Actor-turned-director Shamoon Abbasi is back with his 3rd short film ‘Mey Rahungi’. The movie aims to depict the strength of women in a male driven society and has been dedicated to the woman community of the world.

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Mey Rahungi stars Sherry Shah in a completely different avatar. From living a happy married life to turning into a warrior, she nailed it.

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In conversation with Sherry Shah, we asked how the leading lady prepared for all the action sequences that she had to perform, she laughingly said,

 “I have always been a bit of a tomboy so it wasn’t much of a problem.”

She further added that in action movies your posture is very important and  she ran a lot and worked on her kickboxing to get back in shape and prepped 6-7 days prior to the shooting. She even went on to say that if she wasn’t satisfied with her posture, she would perform the scene repeatedly until they got it right.

You can watch the film on Shamoon’s YouTube channel.

The film is written and directed by Shamoon Abbasi, produced by Sherry Shah and the cinematography is done by Shayan Latif.

Short-Film Mey Rahungi: Exclusive Interview With Shamoon Abbasi And Sherry Shah