“We’re stranded in Thailand & want to go home”, Shamoon Abbasi

Image Source: Instagram/Shamoon

It seems that someone missed out on giving director Mohib Mirza a heads up on the entire lock-down and coronavirus pandemic that Pakistan is facing since he and his crew are currently stuck in Thailand away from home.

Abbasi, along with his production team and cast, were occupied shooting for the movie Ishrat: Made In China when the COVID-19 began to spread around the globe.

Minus the actor, Mohib Mirza, several crew members and cast are also in Thailand that includes Sara Loren, Sanam Saeed, Imaan Sayed, and Shamoon Abbasi.

Just recently, the actor shared a video where he announced the news that how his entire team will be stuck in Thailand a while longer now as all flights to Pakistan haven been temporarily halted.

Shamoon also referred that he was supposed to travel to Pakistan on 23rd of March, but for now, he will have to stay another two weeks.

Shamoon Abbasi also emphasized that the masses must follow strict precautions. He stated that it is because of the delinquency of a few people that many like him are stuck far away from home.

He communicated his dissatisfaction with all those who are still taking the threat of coronavirus lightly in Pakistan.

Shamoon Abbasi also shared what it is like for the cast and crew on a day to day basis. He said that everyone is maintaining their distance from each other and only leave their room to eat food and then go back to their room without greeting each other.

Here’s the short clip of the director expressing his disappointment:

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