Sharmila Faruqi Gives A Savage Reply To People Supporting Amna’s Cheating Husband, Usman

Sharmila Faruqi
Image source: Instagram

The recent Uzma Khan controversy has caused an uproar on social media. Uzma Khan has claimed that the daughters of Malik Riaz allegedly barged into her house with 12 gunmen and instigated the violence. Moreover, several videos from the incident have been circulating on social media, which has sparked a massive debate. 

The graphic videos show Uzma Khan and her sister crying and being yelled at while the daughter of Malik Riaz continues using abusive language and create chaos. Daughter of Malik Riaz, Amna, claims that Uzma was having an affair with her husband, Usman.

Uzma also claimed that Usman is Riaz’s sister-in-law’s son. However, later, Usman’s wife, Amna Usman, denied any relationship with Riaz’s immediate family, and Malik Riaz has also rejected it. She accused Uzma of lying and having an affair with her husband.

Here’s Amna’s video:

After the video had gone viral, people started to look into the scenario and decided to put forth their stance on it. From bloggers to celebrities; Everyone shared their thoughts.

Sharmila Faruqi supports Uzma Khan.

Sharmila Faruqi took to social media and shared her two cents on the whole controversy. According to Sharmila, abusing Uzma Khan and supporting the cheating husband is wrong.

She said,

“To all those social media junkies debating whether Zara abid will go to hell or heaven, this post is for you! To all those abusing Uzma Khan and supporting the cheating husband, this post is for you! In your face.”

Not only this but she shared a hilarious picture supporting it with the caption mentioned above.

Here’s what she posted:

Although it is a developing story, we’re still waiting for the husband, Usman, to come forward and speak up as his absence from the whole scenario is now being questioned by all.

Who do you think should be held accountable? The husband? Uzma & Huma Khan? The wife for barging into someone’s house, harassing the two girls, etc.? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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