Short-Film Mey Rahungi: Exclusive Interview With Shamoon Abbasi And Sherry Shah


‘Mey Rahungi’ is an upcoming Pakistani short-film by 6dapak. The film is written and directed by Shamoon Abbasi, produced by Sherry Shah and the cinematography is done by Shayan Latif.

This is a third short film by 6dapak, the previous two being Zinda and Qassab. The leading lady and producer told us a candid detail about how this project started.

“I think we were at a get together or a shoot and we were having a conversation where we decided why can’t we start this [making movies] ourselves, if we wanted? We have enough talent, as in, him [Shamoon] as a director, cameraman, DOP; he can handle all of that so why not we start all of this on our own? This was a collective effort and I hope you all will really like it.”

This series was only shot in a span of three days and it’s a female-driven movie which aims to bring something different to the industry. The story revolves around a woman who gets kidnapped and has to fight her way out of it.

In a conversation with the director of the film, Shamoon Abbasi, he said that it inspired him to make an online film because there was so much money being spent on movies but they have failed to actually engage our viewers. There are 70 to 80 percent movies that are going down the drain. However he and Sherry Shah did admit that there were few good movies being made and to name a few he mentioned Actor In Law and Na Maloom Afraad.

“My training that started as a director and producer was always to utilise your money and your efforts. Instead of spending a lot we are trained to utilise it (money) in the production line and to produce something that actually expresses its value.” He further added that it’s not just the money that produces something dynamic but the brains behind it.

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He also said that his efforts could be of some use to help the cinema industry grow.

“People are capitalising a lot of money. They are more concerned with filling their own pockets rather than making a good films, so I am kind of at war with the cinema. Instead of wasting so much money, we could reduce the budget and very easily and quickly make more films.

For the cinema owners, who’ve made these cineplexes and invested so much in, we could be of some use to them; and not leave them at the mercy of Indian films.”

Sherry Shah resonated with his views. She said that it was frustration drove her to be a part of this project. She said that there were so many movies being made but not many were up to par.

“This is for our self-satisfaction, like when you invest so much of your good hard work and not see anything happening in return so you’ll naturally be disappointed.”

“Shamoon and I discuss the stories together and aim to bring forward the artists who’ve been pushed back, people who have the potential but are not given the chances due to lobbying or politics[in the industry].”

The actor-turned-director also spoke about the lobbying and emphasized on the importance of giving chances to people.

“There are thousands of actors in Pakistan who are being neglected because the film industry has created lobbies including the channels and some producers where they prefer their favourites. This feels as if unless you have connections with them even great actors will remain home. I don’t agree to that. When you are about to re-launch an industry I believe everyone should be given a chance.  You can’t tag anyone and say that a certain person is best for a film.  There might be icons in the industry but no one can carry it forward.  I think a lot of people should be given the chance.”

Sherry spoke very enthusiastically about the response they received for their previous films, Zinda and Qassab. The films received a really good response from the audience, social media and journalists. She also mentioned that it’s better because they are not bound by anyone.

Qassab received accolades from former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf and it was even played at the New York Film Academy as free online content for educational purposes.

“We are not answerable to anyone, not the channel, producer, financer nor an actor. Now if you look at our plays and dramas even, the first thing that comes is the channel. They decide the cast, directors, and writers.”

While viewing the trailer, the VeryFilmi Team observed a slight resemblance to the movie, NH10 starring Anushka Sharma. Abbasi and Shah both gave very similar answers on the lines that neither knew about the movie. They did, however, stress on the fact that whatever they create is genuine content and work to bring something different.

“Honestly speaking, we just make sure that any of the story that we are producing has nothing to do with anything that’s been made already or released, we don’t even touch them. We do genuine stories and they are particularly from Pakistan. We make sure it has something related to Pakistan. So it has no resemblance to NH10. It might resemble to a lot films that women have done because our equipment and taking is pretty much the same as those. There might be resemblance but it has nothing to do with any of those films,” answered Abbasi.

Abbasi mentioned that he is making free online content and is investing so much in this with no sponsors; even though has been getting a lot of offers but he’s refused them all. He very adamantly said he’s not going to get a penny out this and that it’s to make a point.

“So that’s just a simple fight that I’m fighting on my own expenses, no sponsors, no people supporting me from the back. It’s just me, my equipment and I have the best equipment available now in Pakistan to utilise for a proper mainstream movie; and that’s the big idea. There are 2-3 big factors why I started this and I promise that I’ll keep doing this.”

So far he plans to work on short films but when the time comes he might venture into making mainstream films.

“…but not like full length films these are short films for like 30 minutes because we don’t want to bore with the same old typical things. We depend on more screenplay and more action. And you get to see this actor that you see on screen everyday standing, sitting on the sofa, you see them running around you see them surviving for life so that gives you heartbeat. There is heartbeat missing in our films, there is no tension, no emotion. It’s not the same.” He further added that even if he were to make a full-length film it wouldn’t take him more than 15 days.

In conversation with Sherry Shah, we asked how the leading lady prepared for all the action sequences that she had to perform, she laughingly said, “I have always been a bit of a tomboy so it wasn’t much of a problem.”

She further added that in action movies your posture is very important and  she ran a lot and worked on her kickboxing to get back in shape and prepped 6-7 days prior to the shooting. She even went on to say that if she wasn’t satisfied with her posture, she would perform the scene repeatedly until they got it right.

The film is expected to release on the 5th of Januray 2017.