Shuja Haider’s New Track “Jeevan Daan” to Feature Saba Qamar in its Video!


Pakistan music industry is experiencing a positive revolution with the contribution of many famous names in producing some great music in recent time, helping the ailing music scene in the country!

Shuja Haider is one of those names that comes up to our mind when we talk about the revival of music in Pakistan. The multi-talented singer, composer, songwriter, music director and record producer has been engaged in producing some top quality since the day he has stepped into our industry!

With a remarkable debut in Coke Studio back in 2016, Shuja has also been a playback singer for movies like Khuda Kay Liye and Bol and he also composed and sung the OSTs of various TV serials.

There is good news for all the Shuja Haider’s fan out there as the music maestro has recorded a new track titled, Jeevan Daan, that will feature our favorite superstar, Saba Qamar, in its music video!

Directed by Sheraz Malik, Jeevan Daan is based on gender inequality and featuring some kids, it will raise awareness about this very sensitive social issue!

In an interview, Shuja Haider discussed his upcoming track and he thinks music is a universal language that can easily be used as a medium to convey your thoughts to the audience. He revealed why he used a social issue as the subject of his song and said,

“It was sometime back when I saw Zainab’s case, Also I recently had an interview with Samina Peerzada on her show where she asked me few questions related to the incident about how I felt and I actually wanted to come up with something like this as an answer.”

He also talked about Saba Qamar and how she was well-suited for the role,

“Saba Qamar is an actress who carries herself very well which was quite apt for the kind of character I had etched in my mind for the video. The character seemed tailor-made for Saba. The meaning of the track is also that one should not sideline a woman’s dignity and let me tell you Saba has done great work in it.”

Shuja Haider is hopeful that Jeevan Daan will succeed in conveying the message and will create awareness in our society about this very important social issue!

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