Sidharth Cuts Watermelon With Alia & Fawad: Find Out Why


The Kapoor and Sons trio are making waves with their fun-filled sneak peeks from the set. First, it was the selfie- then the party fiesta movie poster. Now, Sidharth celebrated his birthday with Alia and Fawad by cutting a watermelon (throw the cakes out of the window people, watermelon is the new fad).

In an interview, Sidharth commented on why his co-stars opted for a healthy choice over a scrumptious dessert: “Instead of cutting a cake for me, they decided to cut a watermelon. They were being extremely healthy, and they said “Let’s eat this today. We know you won’t eat a cake toh tere liye tarbuj kaat dete hain (so let’s cut a watermelon for you).”

The three seem to be gelling pretty well, and we can’t wait to see their awesome chemistry on the big screen.