Social Media is Lashing Out on Sonya Hussain For Her Photoshoot in London


Looking at haters talking negatively about Pakistani celebrities is nothing new in our society. Everyday, these people on social media will find one way or the other to hate on our favorite stars and artists with their ridiculous comments. It’s not a surprise that they target Sonya Hussain once again with their comments.

Sonya Hussain has been one of the most popular Pakistani model and actresses in the industry. Recently, pictures of the starlet in a photoshoot in London surfaced on social media and haters didn’t let the chance go.

First of all, she looks absolutely amazing in this photoshoot. Second, people always think that it’s their job to judge others. Whether it is the way they dress, talk or what their skin color is. It’s not cool and something we should all refrain from doing.Regardless, not many people know when they should stop talking and comments like these can make a person’s blood boil in no time.

And some comments were targetted at the afterlife!

Honestly, people have the right to wear what they want and if it’s decent, who cares?

If you watch Sonya Hussain closely, you’d know that she is still one of the most adorable actresses there is.

Spreading false information? Not cool.

The best version is something is always yourself so..


So, Indian item songs are fine and this isn’t?


Again, false information.

Although there were few, Sonya Hussain had fans who supported and fought for her. Some praised her photoshoot and encouraged her further. 

Somehow, people won’t question a foreign actress doing a bold photoshoot but if it’s the women of this country, they will immediately consider it their job to judge. Let’s change for the better and learn to appreciate each other.

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