Social Media is On An Uproar After This Photo shoot of Saba Qamar


One of our recently favorite Pakistani actress and model Saba Qamar has gained quite the popularity with her fanbase, especially after the completion of her most popular drama ‘Baaghi’. Needless to say, after the drama, the actress is on the roll with her amazing skills as an all-rounder.

However, recent pictures of hers have caused quite an uproar in the social media. She appeared in a bridal photo shoot for a famous fashion photographer Kashif Rashid, and even though Saba Qamar looks absolutely stunning, some fans couldn’t take the open belly design in a good way. Take a look at the pictures yourself.

The color blue and Saba Qamar are a great match.

No matter what anyone says, she sure has nailed the pink shaadi look and what could be more beautiful! Hmmm

We all know what Internet jihadis are like. Sometimes they are a great source of comedy and sometimes it’s just entertaining to read what they have to say. Similarly, there were quite a lot of people who were one of these categories.

Let’s start!

With all due respect, people are actually allowed to live their life.

If you thought we missed the body shaming aunties, you were wrong.

To put in a more positive way, it’s never good to point fingers at anyone. Islam is not that kind of religion.

This person is taking full advantage of the situation.  Umm??


To be honest, we’re glad many of Saba Qamar’s fans stood up for her and she couldn’t have had better fans than this.

An exposed belly is a trend that has been followed by many women since ages now.

No matter what anyone says, Saba Qamar is one of the most amazing actresses in the industry.

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