Sohai Ali Abro’s New Movie ‘The Motorcycle Girl’ Begins Shooting


After charming us with her chirpy performances in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Wrong No., Sohai Ali Abro is back on the big screen with Adnan Sarwar’s next, The Motorcycle Girl.

Based on true events, The Motorcycle Girl will be a biopic based on the life of  Zenith Irfan – the extraordinary girl who fought against all odds to travel on a motorcycle.

Zenith Irfan

The Motorcycle Girl will tackle gender stereotypes and depict the story of a determined woman attempting to break out of the cage of social norms that society has set up for her and every other woman.

Adnan Sarwar, who previously gave us a superhit hero-story, Shah announced the release of his new film, which was to be the 2nd part of the Heros Trilogy, back in 2015.  The movie’s shooting has started and it is expected to release soon.

Sohai Ali Abro recently uploaded a picture on Instagram featuring the first page of the screenplay of this movie,  written by Adnan Sarwar.

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Talking about her role in the movie, Sohai had earlier said,

“It is an absolute honour to play Zenith in his film. The role of this incredible, empowering female is one thing I can relate to and is close to my heart. I have always believed in the power of liberating women, especially considering the taboos we face in our society. I am really happy that a lot of young girls will be able to look up to me for doing something positive and inspiring,”

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