Sonakshi Sinha’s First Look in Bollywood’s Adaption of ‘Karachi, You’re Killing Me!’ Revealed!


Sonakshi Sinha’s first look for Bollywood’s adaption of best-selling novel Karachi, You’re Killing Me! is out and it sure in on point according to the author, Saba Imtiaz. The film that is titled Noor is a crime-thriller along with comedy is directed by Sunhil Sippy, who is an ad filmmaker. Bhushan Kumar and Vikram Malhotra are producing the film. However, the supporting actors will be finalised soon.

Sonakshi herself tweeted in appreciation of the first look saying:

Sonakshi Sinha, we think you’re killing it too! Our new journo on the block looks super cute.

Leading role in the movie is Noor, who is a journalist based in Mumbai stuck between relationships and career woes. 
Sonakshi Sinha
A close source at Mumbai Mirror quoted “While the book – a coming-of-age story of a journalist named Ayesha Khan — is set in Karachi, Noor will be based in Mumbai and has the eponymous Noor Roy Chaudhary, a 20-something journalist, at its centre”

Here’s an exclusive look of the film:

Stay tuned to VeryFilmi for more updates on the release. We hope  the movie does justice to Saba Imtiaz’s well-written chick lit.