Sonya Hussyn, Mohsin Abbas Haider Geared Up For An Upcoming Project!


The two rising superstars of our entertainment industry, Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider, have geared up for an upcoming project that aims to bring a very sensitive social issue under the spotlight!

Our drama industry has witnessed a drastic shift from revolving around the mainstream love stories to focusing on social issues that persist our society. Since the start of this year, we have seen a number of cases of child rape and abuse in Pakistan, that have ruined many innocent lives!

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The upcoming drama will discuss child abuse, rape and aims to create awareness about this social evil that resides among us!

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Sonya Hussyn recently played the role of a rape victim in Aisi Hai Tanhai and received an enormous response for her brilliant acting in it. In an interview, she talked about her upcoming drama and revealed how she had decided not to sign up for any other project till “Azaadi” was released but, the script of this drama was too tempting to refuse. She added,

“Child sexual abuse has haunted me for the longest of time. I think taking this up was my way to address an evil that is so deeply embedded in our society that it’s become nothing more than a day’s news. It’s been an emotionally grueling experience and I look forward to speaking about it at length soon.”

The Na-Maloom Afraad star, Mohsin Abbas Haider, also believes that the issue of Pedophilia in our society needs to be discussed and thinks he has the responsibility to use his position, as an actor, for some good purpose,

 “We share status’ on social media and talk about such stuff by sitting in the comfort of our homes. I believe I have this responsibility to put my passion for acting to some good use and therefore with this drama, I am trying to do my part.”

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The title of this upcoming project has not been revealed yet but it is currently being produced by Big Bang Entertainment. Directed by Ali Hassan, the cast includes Sonya Hussyn, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sajid Hasan and Sania Saeed among others. This much-anticipated project is expected to hit our screens this year after Ramadan!

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