Strings’ “Urr Jaoon” – A Melodic Treat That Will Uplift Your Spirits!


Taking their 30th anniversary celebrations to a whole new level, Strings releases the second song from their most anticipated album 30, “Urr Jaoon”, a mesmerizing track that will surely melt your hearts!

“Urr Jaoon” is a perfect blend of Bilal Maqsood’s alluring voice and the impeccable melody. The music video, directed by longtime Strings’ collaborator Jami, perfectly portrays the heartwarming message hidden in its beautiful lyrics, penned down by Bilal Maqsood himself!

Watch the video below!


The video features some little girls, dressed in all black, preparing a delicious table for an elite get together. These little angels pay attention to every fine detail and make sure everything is perfect.

As soon as the guests arrive including Faisal Kapadia, these girls wait in the corner with high hopes in their hearts.

A realization hits Faisal when he drops a spoon and one of the girls rushes over to give him a clean one. Breaking the norms, he stands up and brings the girl to dine along with them and rest of the guests follow the same.

“Urr Jaoon” is a perfect melodic treat that will not only raise your spirit but will also encourage you to take the first step towards something good. Breaking a stereotype is not always easy but once you step forward in the right direction, others will follow your footsteps as well!

Bilal and Faisal along with other band members Aahad Nayani, Haider Ali, Bradley D’Souza and Adeel Ali have delivered yet another beautiful track while maintaining their old school theme because “Urr Jaoon” has all the ingredients to rank among the top songs ever produced by Strings!

The perfect combination of Strings and Jami never disappoints the fans and with such a heartwarming message to deliver in the most mesmerizing way, they have brought another masterpiece to cherish for a long time!

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