Sunny Deol Reveals The Dark Side Of Bollywood Parties


The Bollywood heartthrob Sunny Deol had some scandalous revelations about the parties and award shows of the Indian Entertainment industry. In his latest interview with Pinkvilla the actor spoke about different aspects of his character and how they led him to be misunderstood by his Bollywood colleagues.

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When speaking about himself, the actor disclosed some interesting aspects about his character.

 “I am shy and I have been like that from childhood. I don’t attend all these film events even today. Thankfully, people have understood that I don’t have to do something which I don’t like,”

Apart from this Sunny also had some personal reservations against the things that go on in the Bollywood parties and award shows.

“Be it filmy party or any other party… give me any party which is not the same. All are similar — alcohol, gossip and then the same stuff. I don’t know if they are awards night or they are a collection of actors at night. To me, it’s not an award night. If it was an award night, one would go for an award night. And how do you give awards anyway? Here [in Bollywood], I know people say I will charge this much money or I will only come if I get this thing or I won’t come or give me this special award and all. So it’s all about that. This is what we are. Let me not go on that track further.”

The actor further went to tell how people slowly began to understand his character, that he has very different priorities and concepts of awards.

“When somebody meets me outside and says I loved your film, or watched it so many times and my son got so influenced that he joined the army—those are the awards, which you didn’t even ask for. Somehow, you did something good that touched someone’s life, I value those awards,”

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