Suno Chanda: Arsal and Jiya’s Chemistry is Winning Everyone’s Heart!


Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz starrer Suno Chanda is the perfect blend of love, humor and endless drama making it the best in family entertainment; the fact that it airs daily has made us all addicted to it, for sure!

Jiya and Arsal have grown up together like best friends but forced by their family, the decision of getting them married made them intolerable for each other. Still, they remain the best partners in crime who have faced countless of embarrassing situations just for the sake of getting their marriage annulled!

Since we are into the 19th episode, the relationship of Arsal and Jiya has also developed with time and now, when they have almost succeeded in their master plan, we are sensing a twist in the story!

After the epic fight and drama that divided the whole family, everyone, except for Bi Jaan, Agha Ji and Sherry, is against Arsal and Jiya’s marriage and Shahana now wants Arsal to marry Kinza on the decided date.

For Kinza and Masooma, it’s like a dream come true but Arsal has finally realized his feelings for Jiya. Our hero is not even afraid to speak his heart out, but Jiya is still confused about her true feelings towards him!

Fans have eventually got the twist they have been impatiently waiting for and they are absolutely loving it!

Fans are going crazy over this one particular scene from the last episode!

Arsal has won everyone’s heart!

Their flawless chemistry is literally making people go gaga every day!

Addiction is real!

They simply can’t stop adoring these two!

Crazy yet sad because only 11 episodes are left to wrap up this amazing journey!

Finally, the story has reached the *intense* phase!

Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz are the favorite on-screen couple in the town and fans can’t stop drooling over their outstanding performance in this drama!

Suno Chanda depicts the typical joint family culture of our society in a hilarious manner where, sometimes, even the smallest arguments can dominate over the unconditional love, leading to misunderstandings and stupid decisions.

This story revolves around so many interesting characters and each is given proper screen time and development. Especially Adnan Shah Tipu as Jalal, Sami as DJ, Nabeel Zuberi as Sherry and Nadia Afghan as Shahana have become fan favorites. Kinza has emerged out as the least loved character because of her feelings for Arsal but it means that the actress, Mashal Khan, is doing a great job.

And even if that’s not enough, the OST is purely magical, sung by Farhan Saeed himself!

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