Suno Chanda Episode 2 Review: A Love-Hate Story with Endless Family Drama!


Starring Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz, Suno Chanda is Hum TV’s special Ramzan serial revolving around the story of two cousins, who are forced to marry each other by their one big happy family. This family-oriented drama is a perfect post-Iftar treat with some quality humor and endless family drama!

In the first episode, we saw how irritating it is for Arsal and Jiya to tolerate each other and they both desperately want to call off their wedding, despite having their Nikkah done by the family pressure!

So, the wedding date is finalized on the 2nd day of Eid and both Arsal and Jiya are trying to come up with some plan to cancel the wedding, as none of them have the guts to talk to their parents against the big family decision!

Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz have wonderfully portrayed the love-hate relationship between their characters. Their perfectly-timed sarcastic comments and the urge to irritate each other is surely entertaining!

On the other hand, Kinza likes Arsal and loves to do all his chores that Jiya straightforwardly refuses to do. Even though she is a sweetheart but is also one of the three people who are not in support of this wedding!

The super interesting character of the story, Jalal-ud-din, who is already quite furious for not receiving appropriate attention, gets even angrier when the wedding cards come up without his name. Jalal and Masooma create a big scene and even threaten to go back to Peshawar!

Adnan Shah Tipu with the Pashto accent is an absolute treat to watch. Every time Jalal demands his rights as the only son in law of the family being all angry, he makes the situation even funnier.

Bi Jaan gets angry for inviting Agha Jaan, her elder brother in law, who she thinks is responsible for calling off her initial Baraat and making his own brother marry her.

But in fact, Agha Jaan wanted to marry Bi Jaan himself but couldn’t do so then. He gets all excited after receiving the invitation card with his name on it as a family member!

Let’s see how Arsal and Jiya will come up with their best plan in order to separate their ways!

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