Suno Chanda on HUM TV: Cast, Promo, Timings & Plot


The upcoming serial Suno Chanda is HUM TV’s Ramazan special. The story revolves around two people who hate each other but their families want them to marry.

Suno Chanda’s plot: A hate-love story

The teaser of the upcoming drama was released earlier this month and from the teaser, the drama seems to be the story of two people, roles played by Iqra Aziz and singer Farhan Saeed, who absolutely hate each other but their families have fixed their match without their consent. Both of them keep on arguing and teasing each other and since they are cousins, they live in a same house.

Both of them try to part their ways but their elders think that once they would get married, they will start to like each other.

Will they begin to love each other in the drama? We are just curious to watch the drama now.

Written by

Momina Duraid

Directed by

Aehsun Talish


Farhan Saeed

Iqra Aziz

Samina Ahmed

Farhan Ally Agha

Farah Shah

Tipu Sharif

Nabeel Zuberi

Mashal Khan

Nadia Afghan

Muhammad Ahmed


Started from 17th May 2018 (Everyday from 1st Ramzan)


9:10 PM


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