Superstar Mahira Khan Faces Social Media’s Wrath Yet Again!


Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan was spotted at the trailer launch of her most-awaited movie 7 Din Mohabbat In. The actress arrived dressed-to-the-nines, wearing a sheer white top and ripped jeans which ignited quite a hullabaloo on social media.

The Zalima actress was criticized for showing ‘too much skin’ at the trailer launch and was body shamed as well.

Mahira was not the only one who was criticized at the event; the starlet clicked few snaps with the beautiful actress Urwa Hocane which surfaced on the social media.

Urwa Hocane donned a cute corset shirt with a black bow and straight pants.

Here are the pictures of Mahira Khan at the event!

Mahira Khan and Urwa Hocane posing for the picture

They look both look so cute though! 

It is so strange to know that the people on the internet are talking more about the outfit of Mahira Khan more than the trailer of the movie.

Look what people have to say about them!

Haters started shaming the starlet!

And there are some comments like this! 

The keyboard warriors are all set to bash her! 

The Internet is full of crappy comments of people body-shaming and bashing celebs on how they dress. If only people realized that there are far more important things than just passing comments on the internet.

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