Sushant Singh’s Last Conversation With His Mother Will Move You To Tears


Sushant Singh lost his mother years ago when he was still studying and he still holds that sorrow to this day.

Singh shared his deepest regrets at not being by his mother’s side when she parted her last words, stating,

“On December 11, I got a call at 11:30 pm. I picked up and she was crying. I was like, ‘What is wrong, what happened?’ She said, ‘Nothing. Can you take out some time and come back?’ I told her, ‘No, abhi kaise hoga? I will come during Holi. Why do you want me to come now? I am okay’, etc. I asked her to stop crying. I was trying to be mature, but I could sense that I didn’t want to go back at that point of time. I knew she was missing me and wanted me around all the time, but I thought this was the right thing to do — to go home later. She just asked me to take care of myself. It felt odd. That was the last line my mom told me. Next day, she had a brain hemorrhage and she passed away. She was 40-something, fine, before this suddenly happened.”

Singh still feels the guilt today for not putting his mother first but instead his work. He said,

“I know that I could not have gone the next morning. But this thought of not going for so long when she wanted me to, has stayed with me.”

Reading his story will definitely chill you to the bone and have your eyes fill up with tears.