Sylvester Stallone Becomes A Victim Of A Death Hoax


The internet was found mourning the death of the famous Rocky superstar, Sylvester Stallone, however, his death was nothing but a sick rumor and a hoax. Stallone, 69, is very much alive, and to prove this, he took it to Instagram and shared a picture of him with Sergey “Krusher” Kovzalev.

After the picture was shared, the news of his death started to cut off, the news started from a fake article claiming that Stallone had passed away and prescriptions were found at the scene. CNN also started to display banners of the star’s passing, making everyone think that the incident did actually take place.

However, Stallone is perfectly fine, he even shared a picture with his daughter with the caption, “A wonderful quiet dinner with my daughter,” Stallone wrote alongside a happy snap with his daughter, Sistine, during a night out.” In another post, he wrote “great” night at a concert by Hey Soul Sister band, Train.

Although he did not address the rumors directly, the Instagram posts were proof enough to shake the rumors off. Stallone has announced he’s to appear in his first TV series, Omerta, he will play the role of a Mafia boss, Raymond Aprile. We cannot wait to see Stallone play a Mafia God Father !

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