Synergyzer Completes 15 years; Big Annual Makes Waves in the Market


    One of the earliest advertising magazines in Pakistan, Synergyzer has completed 15 years of publication with a huge annual issue that covers everything related to media and advertising.

    The 120-page magazine has exclusive interviews with movers and shakers of the media industry as well as advertising gurus who share their experiences as well as assessments of the modern day advertising.

    Some of the articles in the magazine are quite a read, such as the following:

    How to put a dent in the universe

    Managing Director of the Synergy Group Ahmed Kapadia critically assesses the Pakistani advertising industry’s culture, contributions, and growth.

    Jingles Not All The Way

    Omair Alavi expresses his concern about the declining quality of jingles being used in TVCs

    The Ad-Production Evolution

    Emaad Ishaq sheds light on how far we have come in terms of ad production

    Born to be a star

    A tête-à-tête with the popular actor Humayun Saeed who has also become the most successful film producer in Pakistan


    Empowering the new generation with the freedom to be more creative

    View from the top

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