Syra Shahroz Loses Her Cool After Internet Trolls Her


Pakistani fashionista and glam doll Syra Shahroz, who is known for her flawless looks, has always proven that she is the perfect blend of beauty and skills.

The ‘Chalay Thay Saath’ actress recently posted picture without any filter on her Instagram account which created a stir on social media. In the picture, we can see Syra’s pores and wrinkles but we must say she looks pretty adorable without any filter as well.

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Moreover, she needs some serious applause for posting such a realistic picture in this era where everybody wants to look perfect.

Have a look at her picture:

However, the photo has taken the internet by storm. As soon as she posted the picture, people started trolling her and the internet users spared no seconds in making embarrassing remarks on her.

Look at what people have to say!

However, the actress lost her cool and gave it back to her haters. Syra Shahroz shuts her haters in the coolest and graceful manner and said that the comments were so disappointing.

Well, this stunning lady has given a positive message of yourself is her mantra! With or without makeup, we know this actress is beautiful inside and out.

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