Syra Shahroz & Shahroz Sabzwari Once Again Targeted by the Internet For Their Valentine’s Day Picture


So it was Valentine’s Day yesterday and in Pakistan, as always, it was ‘not halal’ to celebrate it publicly, so people celebrated it in their own ways!

While we were planning something special for our partners, our favorite Pakistani celebs also expressed their love to their loved ones in the cutest of ways which you can check out below.

Pakistani Celebrities Celebrated Valentine’s Day in the Most Cutest Way Possible!

Along with others, Syra Shahtoz and Shahroz Sabzwari also celebrated the day by going out on a romantic dinner. The couple looked gorgeous and too much in love. *MashAllah*

Check out the picture here.

But for some reason the internet had a lot to say about the couple and specially the way Syra is dressed.

Here are some of the comments:

And then there’s this person!

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that someone had a lot of time!

And he has a degree in knowing what’s a proper gandi aurat dressing is.

*Shaking my head*

And the never-ending hateful comments.

We are glad there are people who were supporting the couple and made some sense. Like this one:

This is not the first time Syra and Shahroz have been targeted by social media users. Previously, the couple became a target of hateful comments when their pictures from a private party went public.

Syra Shahroz Shamed For Wearing A Revealing Dress While Posing With Her Husband

Let’s pray people will soon figure out that there are better things they can do on internet instead of criticizing and judging other people on the internet.

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