Tanvir Jamal Makes a Comeback to Films with Rangreza [Exclusive]


Veteran TV actor and director Tanveer Jamal has stayed away from films after his first and so far only foray into the domain – Zor.

The actor spoke on the issue during a promotional meetup of Rangreza as to what were the reasons of his quitting films 2 decades back and what made him agree to play the father of Gohar Rasheed in Rangreza.

‘My background wasn’t filmi enough for Lollywood and that’s one of the many reasons why I didn’t accept any film offers after Syed Noor’s Zor in that 1998 also featured Shahid sahab and Nadeem sahab. Since my ancestors hail from Lucknow and the only other culture I have experienced was the Japanese, I had no idea that I would be entering an alien zone in Lollywood. Those few days in Lahore ‘helped’ me understand the third culture which was anything but cultured – the kind of lingo they used over there, the kind of expressions that came out of their mouth and the way they addressed each other was new to me. That’s why I decided to stick to TV and bade farewell to the ‘industry’ that wasn’t there.


As for Rangreza, the story appealed to me, the character that I had been asked to play was very different and the professionalism of the team compelled me to come out of my self-exile and do a film after nearly 20 years.

The environment of the film industry has also changed for the better ever since Karachi became the center again and we all have to give in our best to ensure that this ‘industry’ remains on track. I am sure that people will love the way every actor has worked in the film and given it their 100 percent.’