Taylor Swift Is The Highest-Paid Female Singer of 2016!

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The Shake-it-Off singer’s newest single ‘Wildest Dreams’ has contributed immensely for Taylor Swift to be crowned the ‘Highest Paid Female Singer 2016’ with earnings of $170 million over the year.

A huge chunk of her money earned was pulled from her 1989 Tour, which grossed over $200 million from North America solely. Swift shattered the Rolling Stone’s Record with this sky-touching figure.

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“She has been building her fan base for years, and that fan base crosses multiple market segments,” says entertainment attorney Lori Landew of Fox Rothschild. “It’s this ability to appeal to younger and older audiences, and those in between, that makes Taylor such a sure bet with both concert promoters and brands who want to affiliate with her and with the community she has cultivated.”

Swift was honored with the first-ever “Taylor Swift Award” at the BMI Pop Awards in May, quipping that she “would be kind of bummed” if the award had gone to someone else. Last year, the “Bad Blood” singer came in second to Katy Perry with an estimated $80 million.

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Adele came in second, right behind Swift with Rs. 80.5 million in earnings, unlike Swift, the Hello singer makes her earnings off selling her albums. Whereas the Diva of music, Madonna, ranks third at $76.5 million, a majority of the amount was pulled in from her Rebel Heart Tour, overall grossing more than $170 million.

The No. 4 spot goes to Rihanna, who pulled in $75 million, Beyoncé rounds out the top five with $54 million. “I take enormous pleasure and comfort in the fact that female artists are growing in success both in terms of revenues earned and their influence in the music industry,” adds Landew. “Many of these artists are enjoying what I see as a continuing cultural shift that allows and enables them to shed prior societal constructs imposed on them about how they should sound or look or dress on stage or on screen in order to appeal to a broader audience.”

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